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Original 10. 1 half of our Co-facilitators , 

From the time I could pedal a bike I always wanted to ride a motorcycle. From the time I was old enough to recognize right from wrong I always stood for the underdog. Always seeking to empower the weak and fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves. My career has allowed me to fulfill the latter and my passion for riding with the support of these amazing women has helped me fulfill the former. I am honoured to call them my chosen family. I look forward to moving our agenda forward and encouraging more women to ride.  



Original 10. 1 half of our Co-facilitators , 

 I grew up knowing my father rode before I was born but never got interested in it myself until I was 34.  When I started riding he picked it back up again too and now my son also rides! Riding with 3 generations and my wife is the most amazing feeling in the world.   I almost gave it up until I found there was  "women's riding culture" and through that I have made the best new friends that we are proud to call family.  With these amazing women  I have found my true passion for riding and empowering women both on and off the bike. 



Original 10. Secretary. 

I am one of the founding members of TWISTED and also a new rider! My partner introduced me to riding culture and the amazing women that now make up TWISTED; however, at that time I was not on my own bike. These women are amazing riders and are the reason that I decided to try it for myself. It is their patience, encouragement and all around support that gave me the courage to ride. Thanks to all of my TWISTED wind worshipers!  



Original 10

I fell in love with motorcycles as a child on the back of my family friend's Goldwing. As a teen I knew I wanted my own but my parents would not allow it. In my early 40's, I decided it was time for me to live my dream. I started out with a 82 Nighthawk 750 but had a little accident a couple of years ago when I hit a deer.  With the help of my TWISTED friends I was able to return to. riding after my accident. I was back on the road with my Yamaha V Star 1100 custom within a couple of months. I am honoured to ride with such a great group of women. 



Original 10

Web-Mistress Extraordinaire 

I ride a 2018 Indian Chieftain (My Dream Bike made Reality)

I always have tools/zip-ties/bungees/first aid kit/etc. Also known as somewhat of a Macgyver. I can be found working on bikes as a hobby/favour to my friends. I'm honest to a fault, passionate about my Norse religion, reads Tarot cards/Runes (also does this for most TWISTED events for charity) I love animals more than most people. And I adore my TWISTED Sisters!



Original 10. Our Treasurer. 

Bronx NY born and raised! I've always loved motorcycles from a young age  but when I rode on the back with a friend many years that's when I got hooked..  after meeting my Canadian wife who rode I decided I'd give it a try.  I did enjoy riding on the back with Khaos and riding my 250 Rebel but  unfortunately  I had to give up riding due to injuries. Now I'm happy to be the twisted driver following the girls around  being their mule lol.. I love being a part of twisted  no matter how many wheels I have.



Original 10.

Has a big heart for her sisters and animals of all kinds. She says: "Just want to ride my bike with really awesome people, no fuss no drama no bullshit." That about sums up Relfie, She says what's on her mind, is that perfect mix is sweet and salty with no time or patience for asshats. We love her for it! 



Original 10.

I have always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle but kept putting it  off.  Finally, in 2013, I made the leap and got my M2.  2 weeks later, I  bought my first bike (Virago 250) and it has been a great adventure  ever since.  Today, I am on my third bike (Vulcan S) and riding with a  great group of ladies.  You get to choose how you live your life and who  will keep you company.  Riding a motorcycle has brought a new dimension  of living plus a new circle of friends that I would have never met  otherwise.  Life is good.  The company, priceless. 



2017 June patch in.

Torch is an awesome woman with a big heart. 



June 2017 Patch in.

I've loved motorcycles since I discovered my dad's first bike covered up at my grandparents house. My love for 2 wheels became real and lifelong at the age of nine when my parents bought my brother and I our first bike. Since then, I have ridden many bikes, wiped out, got burnt by hot pipes, got stranded on the side of the road, got my hands greasy, lost belongings on the hwy, seen beautiful scenery... All of which make for funny and interesting stories to tell and cherish 'till I'm old and wrinkled.  



 2017 August Patch in. 

If there is a dog around you can bet your ass that Mayhem is petting it! lol A kind soul with the warmest hugs!



2017 August Patch in.

A lady that lives life to the fullest and tries everything she can. 



2018 March Patch in.

My nickname is Godiva, why, well because I ride Naked along with my buddy Bob.  I was late coming to the riding scene and feel very lucky to have been adopted into the TWISTED Sisterhood.  In return when out on adventures with the girls Bob and I try to capture their antics by video or still shots.  But do something really Silly and you will find yourself the main character in one of my poems. 



August 2018 Patch In



August 2018 Patch In

My name is Anne. I am generally a quiet person but once I am comfortable with the people around me I tend to talk more. I love being around people but generally will observe more than I speak out unless I am spoken to. I have two amazing daughters that I love with all my heart. I love to ride my motorcycle as it gives me a sense of freedom and am always looking for new adventures. I love trying new things and the crazier the better as it makes life more interesting.